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General IO of a “numerical porous media”

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    Dear Everybody,rnrnI am an OpenLB beginner and hope to use OpenLB to simulate permeabilities of model porous media – since I need well scaling code, I am considering stopping my own.rnrnThe code which generates the model porous media produces a list which contains the information bounce-back/inside of solid(do nothing)/fluid for each voxel within the cylindrical domain.rnrnThe examples Lesson 1 – 10 explain how I could set up a domain by using a loop over each cell, where I set the appropriate dynamic rules for each cell.rnrnHowever, I am wondering whether a less cumbersome appraoch is possible, where I can set the material numbers in a suitable geometry object, which is then passed on to the loadbalancer etc.rnIs there an example available (which I might have missed), which could help me there?rnrnFurthermore, I am wondering whether there is other documentation other than the UserGuide and the Developer Guide available?rnrnThank you & best wishes,rnMerlin :)rnrn


    Hi Merlin,rnrnHave a look at the venturi3d example. Using the materials and functors to define a geoemtry is the way which I would do it. rnrnBestrnMathias

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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