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Help for Add A Cube in Lattice

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    Hi dear community,rnrnI’m a newer in OpenLB and I have a problem by inserting a cube 2D from indicator way.rnWhen I put the command superGeometry.rename(1, 2, cubo) [line 72]; the message of segmentation fault appear.rnrnMy full code is in this link: very much!


    Hi Jose,rnrnin fact, I get the ‘debug’ message passou aqui from line ~74.rnThe program executes well up to line 220, with the output <starting simulation…>rnrnGuess the seg fault appears because of ill-posed dynamics or lattice coupling.rnrnAlbert


    Hi Jose,rnrnthe reason for the segmentation fault could be that dynamics have not been defined for every material number.rnrnIn your code the “”defineDynamics”” for material number 2 seems to be missing.rnrnSo I hope defining dynamics to all material numbers in your application solves the problem.rnrnPeter

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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