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how to change parameters and geometry

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    Hi rnhow can i change the geometry and constants (like omega and others).rnwhich files and folders must be change?rntanx


    Hi,rnrnYou can change omega (by e.g. changing the viscosity nu) and the characteristic length in the unitConverter.rnrnMathias


    tank you for quick reply mathias.rnI have two questions:rn1.when change the geometry , I must change boundary conditions too.rnplz give me a guidence!rn2.In ccp file there is not streaming and collision formule.rnthe coding is not understandable for me.rn(I am working by fortran and matlab )rnDo you have any offer to improvment.rnrnrn**** I am doing my Ms projet.rnIt is modeling a multiphase flow.rnI am using the RK model.


    Hi,rnrn1/ If you formulatre everything in terms of nx and ny the boundary setting will change automatically (cf. cylinder2d example).rn2/ Have a look at our user guide seaching for “”precompiled””. The reasion is that OpenLB is written using Tempates that makes the code very flexible. rnrnBest rnMathias

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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