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how to use vtkwriter

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    Hi all, I am new to openLB and programming. I am using linux in ubuntu. I tried to run cylinder3d, and it gave out .dat, .vti and .pvd files. And I want to use vtkwriter to make it visable in paraview. But I faced difficulties in VTK writer.rnrn1. How should I use VTK writer? Run in a kdevelop/codeworks? rn2. I saw “”FileNameGoesHere”” in the user guide, but there are many files in the output tmp, which one should I enter?rnrnThank you very much for your kind attention.rnrnYours sincerely,rnIvy


    Hi Ivy,rnrnI think you are very close to the solution. If there are already .vti, .pvd files and you want to visualize them in paraview, then open the .pvd file with paraview.rnThe corresponding file is cylinder3d.pvd for this example.rnrn<FileNameGoesHere> is illustrated in the thermal3d example. It has two computation grids, which are written by two different vtkWriters. For the cylinder example you don’t really need more than one vtkWriter.rnrnAlbertrn



    I am new to Openlb, and when I compile an example, i.e. the venturi3d example it compiles without any problems using ‘make clean’, ‘make cleanbuild’, and then ‘make’, however the only output files I get are venturi3d.o and venturi3d.d. Am I doing something wrong such that I am not getting the .vti /.vtk files?

    I am using Ubuntu Mate 1.16.0 as my operating system

    Many Thanks


    Hi, what about executing the program by


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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