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Load geometry files with boundary names

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    Hi,rnrnI am used to work with Star CCM+. This means I usually create a fluid domain with different boundaries, give them descriptive names like inlet or outlet and then add the pressure or velocity properties. Is it possible to add those prepared geometries to openlb? I can export them as STL or DBS files. I would like to tell openlb the name of my boundaries instead of the exact location and let openlb figure the position out by itself, is that possible? As far as I can see, STL files do not retain the boundary naming, but dbs files do (.nas as well).rnrnkind regards,rnrnhebeldebel


    Dear hebeldebel,rnrn Currently, OpenLB supports STL-files as input, which indeed do not support material no. for different properties. A solution would be to read a set of STL-files and assign the material in the code. Some years ago, we had a Nastran interface but removed it since it is a valume based mesh which limits the executable size to the memory size. Recently, we introduced “”indicator functors”” for simple geometries like cones, sheres, cubes, .. as well as STLs. You can join, substract and intersect them like you do with set (cf. venturi3d example). We also do have an interface to the xml format, which makes it easy to write reades for other formats like DBS. I do see your point that it would be much easier to use another CAD-based program to set up the geometry. If you are interested in helping us to improve OpenLB in that direction, please contact me, using the contact forum.rnrnBestrnMathias rn

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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