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Natural convection simulation considering radiation

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    Ali Fauze

    Dear OpenLB community,

    I am trying to model fluid flow through a rectangular channel in the Z-axis direction. The channel faces are heated, causing the fluid to be heated and subsequently aspirated by natural convection. I am currently searching for a model or example that can serve as inspiration and guide me in conducting the simulation. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set up the radiative physics in conjunction with thermal physics?

    For the thermal physics, I have drawn inspiration from the rayleighbernard3D example, and it is working well. However, I am facing challenges with the radiative part, and I am seeking assistance or suggestions for an example that could provide inspiration.

    Best regards.


    The first step will be to decide on which LBM models exist that cover the physics you want to simulate. After that we can think about how to realize this in OpenLB. One starting point for your literature search that comes to my mind when thinking about radiative transport is a paper by Mink et al.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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