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Restructuring the Size of contour on OpenLB.

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    I tried to change the size of the contour of Cylinder2D from the code like this:
    // Parameters for the simulation setup
    const int N = 200; // resolution of the model
    const T Re = 200.; // Reynolds number
    const T maxPhysT = 20; // max. simulation time in s, SI unit
    const T L = 0.1/N; // latticeL
    const T lengthX = 2.2;
    //const T lengthY = .41+L;
    const T lengthY = 20 * 2 * radiusCylinder + L; // making the domain height to cylinder diameter ratio
    const T centerCylinderX = 0.2;
    const T centerCylinderY = 0.2+L/2.;
    const T radiusCylinder = 0.05;

    But when I did the simulation in Paraview the size seems tobe same. Why is that? Is there any other thing I need to change in the code? Please help.


    This can not work as radiusCylinder is only defined a couple of lines down. You must have gotten a compiler error when you tried to compile this case after the change and the reason why nothing in the results changed is because you executed the old program…

    Please familiarize yourself with the basics of C++ / programming in general. OpenLB is a library for building LBM simulation cases – without at least basic programming skills you won’t get beyond executing the cases as they are.


    Thank you for the reply. But the program didn’t gave any error.


    I am not talking about the program, I am talking about compiling it. Given your code excerpt this must have failed. Please actually read my messages and provide more context.

    I am sorry for having to state this explicitly but we can not provide basic non-OpenLB programming instruction in this forum. Without at least basic programming knowledge you will not be able to adapt any OpenLB case let alone create new ones.


    thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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