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    Fuxin He

    Dear OpenLB Developers,

    I find that “oldPos[0] += 0.5 * (line[0] + reflection[0]) * _dT “ in this directory (olb-1.6r0/src/particles/subgrid3DLegacyFramework/boundaries)should be replaced with “oldPos[0] += 0.5 * (line[0] + reflection[0] * _dT)”. Because it seems to me that “line” should be a displacement vector and “reflection” is a velocity vector, let me know if I’m wrong, and also if I want to set the periodic boundary conditions of the particle as well:

    auto materialperiodicBoundary = std::make_shared
    < PeriodicBoundary3D<T, PARTICLE>
    > (superGeometry, true, true, false );

    Then it will report these errors, I can’t copy the errors.This error suggests that the copy constructor for is deleted, which means I cannot create a copy of .My programming skills are not enough, please give me help, how do I set up to solve these errors.

    Fuxin He

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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