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Thermal Multiphase flow OpenLB extension

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    Hello everyone!

    Over the past year I used OpenLBv1.3 in my master thesis about flow boiling in microchannels.
    For that I have extended OpenLB with a thermal multiphase flow coupling using the pseudopotential method.

    I have gathered the extension source code and made a few examples, which I made available here:
    A quick implementation guide is given there as well.

    The examples include:
    – Phase separation (3D)
    – Thermodynamic consistency (2D/3D)
    – Young-Laplace law (2D/3D)
    – Wall wettability (2D/3D)
    – D2-Law for droplet evaporation (2D/3D)
    – Realistic evaporating droplet (2D)
    – Pool boiling (2D)

    The phase separation and thermodynamic consistency simulations showcases the new forcing method that I have implemented.
    The D2-Law shows the evaporation of a droplet given the normal DDF and the latent heat implementation.
    The realistic evaporating droplet uses a semi-hybrid thermal implementation, which allows setting different thermal diffusivity for each phase.
    The pool boiling is combining all the segments that I have created into one showcase.

    I saw that the recent v1.4 release changes the source code in some aspects making my extension not yet compatible with that new version.
    If there is enough interest, I can later release another version compatible with v1.4, or also help in implementing it as part of future OpenLB releases.

    Currently, I am Msc student at TU Delft, The Netherlands, but am about to graduate.
    From 2021 onwards, I am a PhD student at DLR / Helmholtz Institute Ulm.

    Kind Regards,
    Julius Weinmiller


    Dear Julius,

    that sounds very great. Why you join not the developer team and directly implementing it our repository? Please contact me (cf. and we talk by phone next week.



    Hello Julius,

    I would like to ask if you make your code of flow boiling in a channel compatible in OpenLB 1.4. I am doing this topic, but I have no idea of how to implement it. Could you please release your new compatible version if you made it. Many thanks.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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