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Using openLB for liquid crystal hydrodynamics

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    I am actually new to openLB environment, and I wanted to understand how can one use openLB to modify existing models for active fluids/Non-Newtonian fluids and simulate those models for more complex geometries. I did not find any existing work on Lattice Boltzmann model for liquid crystals done using openLB and hence was skeptical if one can use openLB to our advantage. Because, the collision model and the equilibrium scheme needs to be modified for the LC dynamics and I am not sure if that is possible through openLB. If anyone has prior experience working on openLB for liquid cystal dynamics, I would be happy to connect. Please share if there are any relevant resources available. Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

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    While I can not comment on previous work on simulating liquid crystals using OpenLB (I will ask around in the group), modifying the collision model and equilibrium scheme is very easy to do.

    The momenta, equilibrium and collision operator for each cell are expressed as implementations of the Dynamics class interface. All existing collision / equilibrium models in OpenLB are expressed in this fashion and you may extend and adapt them to fit your use case.

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