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Why am i keep getting inf velocity when using shan-chen model?

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    Dear all!
    I’m using shan-chen two-component model for simulation, and I was keep getting infinite lattice velocity during the simulation, and I tried to change maxvelocity on the Boundary and it doesn’t work.
    The output is like this :
    [LatticeStatistics] step=90; t=0.09; uMax=inf; avEnergy=-nan; avRho=-nan
    Can anyone help me? I’m kind of desperate. I want to late one heavier fluid driven another lighter fluid out of a tube.

    Here is some of my code:
    lattice1.iniEquilibrium( superGeometry.getMaterialIndicator({1,3,4}), rhoF1,uF );
    lattice1.defineRhoU( superGeometry.getMaterialIndicator({1,3,4}), rhoF1,uF );
    Do I need to initialize the second fluid in the Geometry? Since the second fluid isn’t in the tube at the begining.

    I checked the results and it seem that there is no fluid out of the tube.
    I will be VERY APPRECIATE if someone can help me out!
    Thanks for the feedback and advices


    Dear nv4dll,

    It seems that your simulation has diverged – it is not stable. You should always start with an existing set-up and change step by step small settings and check after each step the results. I also recomment you to come to our next spring school in March in April. We have a section on multi-component/phase flows.



    Dear Mathias,
    I’m very appreciate for your help. Sorry for the late reply ,I definit want to attend the school I was plan for it ,but I’m in China right now. I will see if there will be any chance depending on whether the epidemic situation has improved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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