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    Yes and thank you for your help!


    I managed to reproduce this error the CUDA_ARCH number was to high


    To the second question:
    Yes it is running without compilation errors on only cpu and mpi.


    Hey Adrian,

    i checked my code in respect to the examples. But still I got this error where I am a bit clueless.

    [ThreadPool] Sucessfully initialized, numThreads=1
    [main] Start Simulation …
    [UnitConverter] —————– UnitConverter information —————–
    [UnitConverter] — Parameters:
    [UnitConverter] Resolution: N= 50
    [UnitConverter] Lattice velocity: latticeU= 0.00712282
    [UnitConverter] Lattice relaxation frequency: omega= 1.95718
    [UnitConverter] Lattice relaxation time: tau= 0.510939
    [UnitConverter] Characteristical length(m): charL= 0.00980004
    [UnitConverter] Characteristical speed(m/s): charU= 0.01
    [UnitConverter] Phys. kinematic viscosity(m^2/s): charNu= 1.0034e-06
    [UnitConverter] Phys. density(kg/m^d): charRho= 998
    [UnitConverter] Characteristical pressure(N/m^2): charPressure= 0
    [UnitConverter] Mach number: machNumber= 0.0123371
    [UnitConverter] Reynolds number: reynoldsNumber= 97.6683
    [UnitConverter] Knudsen number: knudsenNumber= 0.000126316
    [UnitConverter] — Conversion factors:
    [UnitConverter] Voxel length(m): physDeltaX= 0.000196001
    [UnitConverter] Time step(s): physDeltaT= 0.000139608
    [UnitConverter] Velocity factor(m/s): physVelocity= 1.40394
    [UnitConverter] Density factor(kg/m^3): physDensity= 998
    [UnitConverter] Mass factor(kg): physMass= 7.51457e-09
    [UnitConverter] Viscosity factor(m^2/s): physViscosity= 0.000275173
    [UnitConverter] Force factor(N): physForce= 7.55688e-05
    [UnitConverter] Pressure factor(N/m^2): physPressure= 1967.1
    [UnitConverter] ————————————————————-
    [STLreader] Voxelizing …
    [STLmesh] nTriangles=21792; maxDist2=9.57151e-07
    [STLmesh] minPhysR(StlMesh)=(-0.00531261,-0.0120206,-1.79526e-06); maxPhysR(StlMesh)=(0.00531261,0.0120206,0.0500018)
    [Octree] radius=0.0501762; center=(-4.90002e-05,-4.90002e-05,0.024951)
    [STLreader] voxelSize=0.000196001; stlSize=0.001
    [STLreader] minPhysR(VoxelMesh)=(-0.00524302,-0.011907,0.000156916); maxPhysR(VoxelMesh)=(0.00514502,0.012005,0.0499412)
    [STLreader] Voxelizing … OK
    [main] STL was read …
    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry …
    [SuperGeometry3D] cleaned 0 outer boundary voxel(s)
    [SuperGeometry3D] cleaned 0 outer boundary voxel(s)
    [SuperGeometry3D] cleaned 0 inner boundary voxel(s) of Type 3
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] updated
    [SuperGeometry3D] the model is correct!
    [CuboidGeometry3D] —Cuboid Stucture Statistics—
    [CuboidGeometry3D] Number of Cuboids: 1
    [CuboidGeometry3D] Delta (min): 0.000196001
    [CuboidGeometry3D] (max): 0.000196001
    [CuboidGeometry3D] Ratio (min): 0.448
    [CuboidGeometry3D] (max): 4.58929
    [CuboidGeometry3D] Nodes (min): 1799000
    [CuboidGeometry3D] (max): 1799000
    [CuboidGeometry3D] Weight (min): 1799000
    [CuboidGeometry3D] (max): 1799000
    [CuboidGeometry3D] ——————————–
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] materialNumber=0; count=1216568; minPhysR=(-0.00543902,-0.012103,-3.90851e-05); maxPhysR=(0.00534102,0.0122011,0.0501371)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] materialNumber=1; count=490960; minPhysR=(-0.00543902,-0.011907,0.000156916); maxPhysR=(0.00514502,0.012005,0.0499411)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] materialNumber=2; count=87399; minPhysR=(-0.00543902,-0.012103,-3.90851e-05); maxPhysR=(0.00534102,0.0122011,0.0501371)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] materialNumber=3; count=2036; minPhysR=(-0.00485102,-0.00485102,-3.90851e-05); maxPhysR=(0.00494902,0.00494902,-3.90851e-05)
    [SuperGeometryStatistics3D] materialNumber=4; count=2037; minPhysR=(-0.00485102,-0.00485102,0.0501371); maxPhysR=(0.00494902,0.00494902,0.0501371)
    [prepareGeometry] Prepare Geometry … OK
    [main] Define SuperLattice …
    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘thrust::system::system_error’
    what(): parallel_for failed: cudaErrorSymbolNotFound: named symbol not found

    Thank you for your help so far!



    Hello Adrian,

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Indeed the space in the CUDA_ARCH definition was the gist of the matter.
    Still, my code isn’t running but the examples like venturi3d are now running on the GPU.

    All the best,

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