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Venturi3d example

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    Dear Laurent,

    I think you are are more intereseted in the pressure gradient then the absolute pressure. It is possible to set a certain pressure level (pressure level, see the converter) if you are really interested in the absolute pressure. Try to set the inlet on 200Pa and the outlet to 0Pa should be easier for the beginning. There is also one converter function for the conversion from pressure to density that will help you. I really recommend you our annular Spring School. There we have enough time to discuss about your individual problems.

    Best Marc


    thank’s for your reply.
    I have really progress. We have pb to the realistic of the fluid (air) simulation comportement.
    I have starting using the cylinder2d modify example. We have transform cylinder in thin vertical cuboid with theta of 45°.

    AnalyticalConst2D<T,T> rho(converter.getLatticeDensityFromPhysPressure(200*frac[0]);

    Work fine with inlet pressure 1 and outlet pressure 0.98 but not the delta_P is inlet 200pa outlet 0pa…
    I have empty y range error adjusting ….
    Trying augmenting N 20->100 nothing better.
    No simulation result.

    My first objective is to compare simulation with the real system (pressure inlet and also the velocity outlet), this is the origin of my question…

    on the real system we have pin:100500 pout100400 vout:1.8m/s.
    cylinder L=280 diameter 25.4mm valve diameter 25.0 thickness 4mm in the middle , based on cylinder2d but not same dimensions!


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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